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Business Analytics Data Visualization and Management Reporting

Business Analytics Data Visualization and Management Reporting

We are a Leading Data Analytics Company offering Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Consumer And Other Data Analytics Services Under One Umbrella

Challenges Faced by entrepreneurs in business analysis


Need for continued monitoring of KPIs for next growth phase


Multiple Data-points, including A/c System, apps and various spreadsheets


No defined Goals for MIS process / vague data-reporting structure


Multiple & Inefficient Reports, Delays in MIS Process due manual Excel sheets


Need for detailed thought on Standard & Custom Analytics

In a VUCA world, running a business and thriving has become extremely difficult and challenging. But as they say, business is all about taking risks and managing uncertainties. We now live in a fully connected world where events are happening at a rapid pace with a shorter life but having a deep impact on businesses. Also, technology led newer businesses or start-ups are bringing huge disruptions and are challenging the traditional business models. Data can help you to navigate these challenging times. No wonder that they say Data is the new Oil. In a data-driven world, companies will need to harness the true potential of data to make effective business decisions and remain ahead of the competition. This will also help them to generate a lot of insights about industry and their competitors.  

This is where our data analytics capabilities and research skills come in to enable clients to make the best of unrealized opportunities. Using Big Data & Predictive Analytics and Data Visualization (Business Analytics Data Visualization), we allow business owners and decision makers through interactive BI and MIS Dashboards to quickly navigate through complex data and identify trends and correlation so that they can make accurate business decisions at all times and also bring accountability to the team. This not only helps in running the business efficiently but can play an important role in taking any strategic decisions like fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, hive-offs, entry in newer markets etc.

Our Offerings Include :

Standardized BI Dashboards (TAGIS)

Sector-focused specialized & automated dashboards for the management

  • Proprietary analytics & decision making tool for management
  • Unlock potential low hanging fruits and hidden opportunities through birds eye view
  • Highlight potential business red flags before it becomes major issues
  • Deploy at fractional cost of major BI tools

Managed Reporting Services

  • For Accounting firms: Standard reports, Management Reports, MIS reports for end-clients
  • For Investment Funds / Angel Investment Platforms: Reports for investors, stakeholders and portfolio companies
  • For Other Intermediaries:

Customized Strategic Analytics

  • Financial & Strategic Management Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
  • Revenue Analytics

Allied BI Services

  • Business Analyst / BI Analyst Staffing (Onsite, Offsite)
  • BI Implementation
  • Report Designing, Data Modeling, Visualization services
  • Training in PowerBI, Tableau, Various Azure AI/ML
  • Customized technology development, integration services

Key Differentiators

Reporting based on Unit Economics, and Sector-specific KPIs

Accurate Unit-level profits with accrued revenue, expenses & cost-allocations

Simplest cash & fund flow Visuals

Dynamic slicing and dicing

Tracking of actuals vs. budgets / benchmarks

Quick drill-downs to transaction level

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