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Business Information Services

Business Information Services

Assisting various Financial Services firms in providing in-depth BIS and Library Services

Information is the oxygen of the modern age. Any business, small or large, can only gain a competitive edge if they are ahead in sourcing and analysing information through multiple sources and streamlining the entire process of storing and retrieving it in a cost-effective manner. Information about the business and the industry stored over a period of time in a well-organised and structured manner has immense value for an organisation. Accurate and timely information plays a vital role in helping an organisation in taking correct business decisions and creating long-term value. This may also be helpful to comply with any statutory or regulatory requirements where data needs to be stored for long periods of time in a particular format. Through our Business Information Services, we help corporates and financial services firms in collecting, organizing and retrieving information at their fingertips. 

Our team takes care of this activity so that your team can focus on high-value tasks and critical functions which strengthens the decision making process. Our approach towards streamlining processes and leveraging technology allows us to offer cost-effective solutions which leads to substantial savings for our Clients and creates a deeper business impact. We also leverage our research and analytics capabilities so that we can provide meaningful insights on the business and guide them in the right direction. This also leads to a deeper understanding of the industry and business for our Clients. Our Business Information Services helps Investment Banks to focus on critical and time sensitive activities related to the transaction thereby allowing them for a quicker transaction closure. Research firms thriving on huge amounts of country specific macroeconomic data and industry and sector data also find our Business Information Services critical to store and retrieve information in a cost-effective manner with a faster turnaround.  

Ongoing Updates

  • Industry or Sector updates
  • Country-specific updates
  • Capital Market updates
  • Key News item updates
    • Economy
    • Regulatory
    • Technology
  • Fund-raising updates on various deals – private equity, mergers & acquisitions, IPO
  • Monitoring and Analysis of specific Targets
  • Updation of Quarterly Financials of Listed Companies
  • Social Media Monitoring and updates

Transaction Updates

  • Deal Activity updates
  • Transaction Support and allied documentation
    • Private Equity
    • M&A
    • Public Offerings
    • Debt
  • Compiling of data / information from multiple sources
  • Market multiples
    • Comparable Companies Analysis (Comps)
    • Precedent Transaction Analysis (Prepaids)
  • Deal Profiles
  • Target Company Profiles
  • Creative Services on presentations, newsletters, profiles etc
  • Folder Management of source files

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