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Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence Services

Financial due-diligence

Financial due-diligence is a methodical procedure to establish an outcome based on pre-decided guidelines incase of investments, mergers & acquisitions, strategic tie-ups, restructuring, public market listing or bank funding. Hence, conducting a comprehensive Due-Diligence Services on the financial aspects of the Target is extremely important to take a correct and unbiased decision. Few often find this process as painful and merely see this as a tick in the deal process checklist. It is often seen in most due-diligence processes that there are standard & duplicative spreadsheets and mostly conducted with a clear end date in mind. There is a chance of missing out on critical issues and can lead to costly mistakes.

Our objective in providing Due-Diligence Services is to “look beyond the obvious” and provide an in-depth insight on the financial health of the Target and give a true financial picture to our Clients. We apply our advanced analytics capabilities using the latest tools to draw correlation between the underlying business and the financials. This allows our Clients to have a deeper engagement and assessment of the Target business. Any red flags get easily highlighted and give us an early warning signal to decide which areas to be probed further. We can therefore give an unbiased and sound opinion with the necessary back-ups to our Clients which allows them to take an objective decision on the opportunity and negotiate the deal in their favour. Our team also ensures that the entire process is kept simple and not cumbersome and is a well-coordinated effort with Target’s team to ensure seamless experience for all stakeholders.

Our Edge

  • Detailed Financial Due-Diligence report with an interactive cloud-based customised Dashboard
  • Provide value-added findings allowing Client to make an informed decision making
  • Understand trends and issues in the Target business using advanced Analytics
  • Deeper understanding of the business and its inherent strengths & weakness
  • Ensure seamless experience of the entire process
  • Deploy experienced team with strong understanding of the business and industry

Where We Can Assist

  • Buy-side financial due-diligence incase of acquisition or fundraising
  • Vendor due-diligence
  • Board supervised due-diligence
  • Asset due-diligence
  • Data-room support

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