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Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

At Ruby, financial modeling is about converting a business opportunity into some meaningful and realistic financial data. Financial models should help the management in decision making and therefore an inaccurate and inefficient financial model can cause significant losses.

We therefore apply our years of industry knowledge, expertise and research in building seamless, flexible and highly accurate financial models. Our multi-domain and multi-geography understanding of businesses have helped us in building in-depth and logical financial models for corporates, investment banks, private equity funds, start-ups and advisors. We are industry leaders in financial modelling and have built and maintained financial models of global standards.

Our financial modeling domain service focuses on:

High Accuracy

We strive for 99%+ accuracy with multiple level of checks and error detecting mechanisms


We build models with flexibility to tackle multiple business swings and ability to evaluate multiple scenarios

Logical Flow

Our core focus remains on making models logical and easy to understand

World Class Interface

We adopt global best-practices in creating smart interfaces which will leave a lasting impression on model users

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