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Fund Placement Agent

Fund Placement Agent

Curated Limited Partners and Fund Placement Agents Details for A Successful Fundraising Experience

While there are too many databases of Limited Partners and Fund Placement Agents (Private Placement Agent) providing contact details and basic information, the important question to answer is how much of those names are relevant for that particular General Partner or Private Equity Fund looking to raise capital or funds from the Limited Partners or seeking fundraising support from Fund Placement Agents (Private Equity Fund Placement Agent). We believe in “Details in the Database” and try to help you in preparing a report card of these Limited Partners and Fund Placement Agents by answering the following questions:

  • Who they are – basic overview
  • What are their investment parameters & thesis
  • How do they fit into the long-term fund strategy or raising multiple rounds
  • What kind of investment / fund-raising they ideally do
  • Which are the recent transactions undertaken and details around them
  • Who are the key decision makers in the team
  • Action items

A mere list is not sufficient to answer the above questions. We can be a trusted partner to help you in compiling this and getting answers to these critical questions. We can maintain a database customised to your requirement and continuously update them for any fundraising related discussions you have had or any other action items.

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