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Information Memorandums & Pitch Deck Services

Information Memorandums & Pitch Deck Services

Information Memorandum

Information Memorandums is a crucial document for any growing company who is exploring strategic opportunities like debt or equity fund raising, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, hive-offs, public listing etc. One of the most important aspects of creating an information memorandums is to give a holistic view of the company to the prospective investors, be it financial or strategic, so that they can take an informed decision about the opportunity. As such it is a marketing document where all the attributes of the company are appropriately showcased and demonstrated. However, it is crucial to cover only the relevant information necessary to the opportunity and avoid any under-disclosure or over-disclosure of information. Hence, information memorandums needs to be professionally drafted and has to be designed properly. We are experts in creating information memorandum relevant to any purpose. Our skills are unmatched when it comes to positioning the relevant business and the opportunity, writing and drafting skills, structure and layout of the document and the overall look and feel of the information memorandum.

Pitch Deck Services

Investors are continuously bombarded with investment opportunities and hence raising funds from investors is often time consuming and difficult. It is crucial to “stand out from the crowd” and be able to articulate your story in a compelling manner. We believe that the idea must be presented and communicated in a structured manner backed by solid & in-depth research to create an impact. By keeping this simple focus in mind, no wonder that we are pioneers in building pitch decks services for various clients across size and sector. Our pitch decks are a perfect combination of:

Our Start-Up Focus

Though we have created pitch decks for clients looking to raise all types of capital, our niche in building pitch decks for start-ups is unmatched. We believe selling an idea is different from selling a banking or an insurance product. After all, it could be the next unicorn with a billion dollar business. Many good ideas / concepts fail to attract the required amount of capital for scaling-up as the idea or concept is not articulated or communicated properly. It’s crucial that a start-up absolutely nails its investor pitch deck and articulates a compelling and interesting story. Our Pitch decks

  • Narrate a story, keeping a balance between reality and the untapped potential the concept offers
  • Have a strong bottom-up & top-down approach to convince investor of the large market opportunity
  • Are visually appealing with images & vectors
  • Resonates with the overall ethos of the start-up

It is with this approach that we have helped numerous start-ups to raise funds easily, and no wonder that our pitch decks are termed as “masterpiece” not only by our clients but also their investors.

Our Key Differentiators


The entire presentation is structured keeping in mind the underlying narrative / message to be conveyed so that the bigger picture is not missed


Information presented is accurate and backed by in-depth research from credible sources so that it can stand the test of any scrutiny


Slides are kept consistent with respect to font, colour, theme etc to give a professional and premium look

How It Benefits

  • Higher probability of attracting investors
  • Prepare Pitchbook in a time-bound manner
  • Save your resources valuable time and utilize for other core activity
  • Independent validation on the business model
  • Spend time on finding the right type of investor
  • Get answers to investor’s key questions through our FAQs
  • Our pricing still makes it value-accretive and win-win for all

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