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Our Engagement Models

We offer 4 customizable engagement models to suit your requirements and optimize your spend. Our idea of engaging with clients is to create a relationship based on trust & knowledge – by offering flexibility, skilled resources and prompt turnaround times for deliverables.

Retained FTA model

  • Dedicated analysts (full time analysts) exclusively staffed for the client. With both on-shore and off-shore options
  • Preferred model for clients looking for unstructured but continuous workflow with varied complexity
  • This model ensures continuous support with faster turnaround and deeper engagement with client teams
  • Physically separate team with secure access to client data and strong NTK protocols and Chinese walls in place

Project Based Ad-Hoc Engagement

  • Assistance on individual one-time research projects with no long term commitments
  • Engagement with pre decided SLA, delivery schedules and timelines

Block of Hours Model

  • Dedicated block of hours purchased by clients – can be used anytime during a defined period
  • Suitable for situations with time critical deliverables and peak work cycles

Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

  • Preferred by clients who want to build a captive research team with sufficient control but without heavy investment upfront
  • Ruby provides support in BOT model through an exclusive in-house team, which his provided with infrastructure, training support and managed for a pre-defined period before transferring to the client

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